Welcome to our 109th Season

Annual Meeting date change and Officers Elections
Our annual meeting will be at The City Airport again 11499 Conner, Detroit 48213 on Thursday November 16th at 6:30 pm

Please plan on bringing a new children’s toy as a donation.

  • October 21
    Commodores Ball – Saturday, 6:00 PM, (Sweetest Day 2023), Sindbad’s Restaurant
  • November 16
    Annual Meeting – Thursday, 6:30 PM, The City Airport, 11499 Conner, Detroit
  • November 29
    Board of Directors Elections – Wednesday, 6:30 PM, Atwater Brewery
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Commodore’s Corner

Edison Boat Club is like a shining beacon of light from a lighthouse. Guiding our members, family, friends, and community for 109 years. We have those who came before us to thank and an obligation to carry their hope and ours into the future. We will be continuing our sailing programs on Thursday nights at Grayhaven State Harbor. Come on down and join us. You can help us by volunteering to skipper or just come on down and cheer us on. The tradition of the Officers Tea and the Commodore’s Ball will live on this year as well. A Family Picnic and various Pop Up get togethers are also on the agenda. More details on those to follow. As always this is your club. Let us make it the best. Our strengths are Tradition, Members, and Family. We will bring these out in full force this year! Do the three ‘Ps’ for your club. Participate, Participate, Participate. See you near and out on the water.

Your Commodore, John


Novice Sailing Class

We have been sailing and having a blast on the Detroit River since 1914. And guess what? We will be doing it again in 2023! They can take down a building but, you can’t touch the Heart and Spirit. We aren’t all sailing Cat boats anymore. This year we will be offering opportunities to sail on 3 different boats, the Flying Scot daysailer, the Ultimate-20 sportboat. and the classic Crescent Sloop. Our learn to sail classes begin Thursday 4/20/23 from 6pm until sunset. Classes will be held at the Grayhaven Mooring Facility located at the foot of Maheras-Gentry Park in Detroit.
This location offers easy access to sail on Lake St. Clair as well as the Detroit River. All teaching is a hands-on approach with a seasoned sail instructor in each boat. Primarily our goal is for you to operate a sailboat on you own. Providing a lifetime of recreation and enjoyment. The total cost of the sailing class is $400. $100 for membership in the Edison Boat Club and $300 for our sailing program. Welcome and join us on the water! Space is limited. For info and to register, email us at edisonboatclub@gmail.com or call or text 734-358-3817. Let’s have some fun!  

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